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ryan 03/12/2019 03:59
v drunk walmart eggnog is 30proof and thats wild
Mentorship pairings between leading financial institutions and FinTech start-ups at DIFC FinTech Hive increased more than 25 per cent from 80 to more than 100 DIFC FinTech Hive, the biggest ...
Andy Fraher 27/04/2019 08:05
Finished it! #whiskeyoffroad #30proof
Finished it! #whiskeyoffroad #30proof <br>http://pic.twitter.com/U06iTWDv2d
The UNL Interfraternity Council made an unanimous decision last month to enact the ban on any drinks of more than 15% alcohol by volume (30 proof), unless provided by a third-party vendor — for ...
Andy Fraher 27/04/2019 03:17
Here we go! #whiskeyoffroad #30proof #paincave
Here we go! #whiskeyoffroad #30proof #paincave<br>http://pic.twitter.com/HukknWmai9
You see, we had recently increased our product’s alcohol percentage from 15% Alc. (30 proof) to 30% Alc. (60 Proof) because we believed it increased the quality of our product. We had to go through ...
Freefall Sangria 20/10/2018 07:50
martasvine #fundraiser #supportthegirls! Bring your old bras to donate and come out and taste some wine, ladies! And gentlemen, of course #hudsonvalley #30proof #liquidaltitude… https://www. instagram.com/p/BpKtHAlHikf/ ?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=1mx55bdv1psii   …
April 30: Proof of PA progress? Sat, 26 Oct 2019 17:00:00 GMT
A year post-Pittsburgh, we must combat antisemitism, unify and secure Jewish people ...
100K Trader 01/08/2018 12:46
For any American followers, that’s like 180lbs and 30proof by thanksgiving +30
“If you look at the number of proof of concepts, we started first program with 12, second with 22 proof of concepts, this year we have more than 30 proof of concepts and the proof of concept is ...
Richard Robinson 25/04/2017 01:51
You know I had to mess with that Warning Label last night. #downtowndenver #craftbeer #30proof… https://www. instagram.com/p/BTT4b4Jg05A/  
JRose 18/04/2017 03:51
Wayment <- yes I'm country,,,, anyway Tomi's wine is 13% thats like 30proof wine right??? Shit pour me a glass!! #LHHATL
Scot 29/12/2016 09:15
I'm not sure they have my blood type in the system either #30proof
Chad Pickelheimer 03/06/2016 09:18
@jashypoo asking for sunscreen: "hey man can you toss me that 30proof?" Wait what... We may have a problem...
daron watson 08/05/2014 07:25
@One_More_Bottle @methodman Rhymes b the proof while I'm drinkin 30proof Of #wine No ice no straw When u give it 2 me yeah give it 2 me raw
  ❄ Sam  ❄ 09/11/2013 10:34
Anne O'Brien 04/06/2013 09:41
My mom just made mikey a smoothie using blue curracoa thinking it had no alcohol .. #30proof waiting to see how long the effects take
Emily Moss Wilson 02/06/2013 02:56
#30Proof birthday for @apseim. Respect the drink names. instagram.com/p/aCmHfdMG5u/  
Random Nerd 23/03/2013 05:34
lol *sniff sniff* u smell that... the smell of........ #30Proof ... lurking in the shadows... waiting... 2 strike.
LOTUS 27/10/2012 10:13
Moonshine Food Family 30proof shots Wtf lol
Chester the cat 12/05/2012 04:07
@briannetodd come over and I'll put whip cream all over u #30proof
Dakota 27/11/2011 10:53
Im learning SO much from this show haha i didnt know that if something was lets say 30proof theres (cont) tl.gd/edeh5u  
Tried the peach ciroc, peach schnapps and grenadine suggestion by @iAMMelRN for my b'day not knowing schnapps was 30proof #yikes lol
SERENITY 14/08/2011 05:09
30 proof whippedcream I'm in heavennnnnnnnn RT @JaySabur: @SERENITaaaaY #30proof huh
Evan Shaw 05/12/2010 12:23
Can't read it, but that's a can of alcoholic whipped cream at a gas station in Jackson. 30proof! #classy http://twitpic.com/3cz7ks
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